Our Team

CJC Heilmann Private Office AG - Andy Heilmann -
Andy Heilmann // Certified Fiduciary Expert, Founder and CEO

Since my commercial education in Zurich as a fiduciary in the year 2000, I have constantly furthered my professional and technical expertise.

In 2008 I completed my professional certification as a Swiss Fiduciary. After a very interesting and enriching time at a Zug fiduciary company I returned to Zurich in 2010.

From 2013 onwards I completed here the TREX/MAS master's degree in Fiduciary and Management Consulting while working, and successfully graduated with the specialist title of Federal Fiduciary expert.

After more than 9 years working as Partner and Member of the Management for the Swiss fiduciary department of one of the biggest independent asset managers of Switzerland, I became independent in 2019. 

I am always at your disposal with my wide-ranging knowledge adquired after many years of professional experience in the support of national and international clients .

Heilmann Private Office AG - Andy Heilmann -

CJC Heilmann Private Office AG - Christ Johann Collenberg -
Christ Johann Collenberg // Owner and Managing Director

After a ground education in banking, I further developed my knowledge in business consulting and investment commodities financing.

Since mid-1990, I have been advising and supporting national and international individuals and companies in all aspects of fiduciary business.

Between 2001 and 2007 I worked independently before joining as managing director one of the biggest financial services providers in Switzerland for the next eleven years.

In 2018, I founded my own consulting company. Through my experience and education as business economist, accountant and auditor and the regular in-depth studies in the areas of tax law and succession planning, I offer comprehensive knowledge, experience and skills as a consultant and entrepreneur for all needs and business challenges.

My value proposition for my clients is to identify potential problems, and work and implement efficient solutions, always with the main focus on your personal and individuals needs as a person.

Heilmann Private Office AG - Andy Heilmann -

CJC Heilmann Private Office AG - Rosy dell Avvocata -
Rosy Dell'Avvocata // Head of Secretariat and Team Assistance

With my comercial education and business experience of several years I complement the team as the head of Secretariat and administration.

Thanks to my linguistic skills I support the team in the customer service of national and international mandates. Due to my comprehensive knowledge I can take over responsible work for our demanding clientele from administrative support to accounting.

CJC Heilmann Private Office AG - Macbeth Alina Torres -
Macbeth Alina Torres // Fiduciary officer

After my commercial education as a fiduciary, I moved from Thusis GR to Zurich and became the latest and youngest addition to the team, supporting my colleagues in accounting and fiduciary matters for our clients.

CJC Heilmann Private Office AG - Susi May -
Susi May // Fiduciary Manager

Together with my commercial education and my diploma as specialist in Finance and Accounting I have many years of experience as accountant and controller for several firms.

During a 9-year employment with one of the leading asset managers in Switzerland as a fiduciary mandate manager, I completed the training as a Certified Financial Advisor IAF, as well as the training as a Financial Planner with a federal diploma.

Now I dedicate my entire experience in the fiduciary and financial area to our clients and our team.

CJC Heilmann Private Office AG - Philippe Knecht -
Philippe Knecht // Certified Fiduciary Expert

After completing my commercial apprenticeship with the city of Schlieren, I decided to study Business Administration.

In 2014, I successfully completed a bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), specializing in Accounting, Controlling and Auditing. In the process, I discovered my passion for fiduciary services and comprehensive consulting and support for companies as well as private individuals. Following my studies, I started my professional career in the fiduciary sector in one of the largest Swiss fiduciary companies.

After my first business experience I moved to Zurich and for four years, I provided comprehensive support and advice to companies and private individuals at one of Switzerland's largest independent asset managers, as fiduciary manager.

Since 2019, I support and assist the national and international clients of CJC Heilmann Private Office AG, as a fiduciary manager and, in addition to my professional activities, I am completing the TREX/MAS master's degree in Fiduciary and Management Consulting.



WertSchöpf GmbH
CJC Heilmann Private office AG -
Nadine Schöpf // Fiduciary officer with Federal Diploma